Why you must watch Robert Reich’s documentary “Inequality for All.”

Most important documentary I’ve seen in a long time. He lets the facts speak for themselves about income inequality, revealing why it is the defining economic issue of our times. Educators take note. This is a social justice issue that touches everyone and is revealed in the race-based and class-based segregation in our schools.

As Reich shows, it is driving political polarization. Not only are we now “bowling alone,” we’re also being turned away from our neighbors because of how extreme and virulent the political discourse has become in this country. Ask your students what they think…


Bill Maher always tells it like it is and pulls no punches.

Income inequality is driving Americans apart and, as Robert Reich has demonstrated (watch his documentary “Inequality for All,” causing political polarization. We need educators who can show our students who really is behind the curtain, the plutocrats pulling the levers. We are so much more alike than different, but money and political influence are driving us apart in this winner-take-all society. We need to lead the way in teaching for social justice.