Bill Maher always tells it like it is and pulls no punches.

Income inequality is driving Americans apart and, as Robert Reich has demonstrated (watch his documentary “Inequality for All,” causing political polarization. We need educators who can show our students who really is behind the curtain, the plutocrats pulling the levers. We are so much more alike than different, but money and political influence are driving us apart in this winner-take-all society. We need to lead the way in teaching for social justice.

The business of public education gets another boost…

Those in the well-heeled business community looking to make a profit from public education will likely be made happy by this recent Supreme court ruling that effectively removes all limits on donations to political campaigns. We don’t need more politicians like Scott Walker attacking teachers and voucherizing education.


Another article:Image 

“Did the Supreme Court just open the door to political corruption?” from LA Times,0,3228984.story#axzz2xpHTBllW

Standing up to the testing-industrial complex.


This “Room for Debate” piece from the Times asks whether parents should be able to choose to have their children opt-out of standardized testing. I stand firmly on the side of yes. We need better, more holistic assessments that measure student progress over time.

Standardized tests should only rarely be used and when they are, be mostly for diagnostic purposes in order to allow for better, more personalized teaching. The only way the growth of the testing-industrial complex can be stopped is if enough folks stand up and say no. Parents have the ability to exert powerful influence on education policy.



A short and powerful poem to inspire writers young and old.


I stumbled on this poem recently and it has become an instant favorite. A wonderful poem to use in the classroom.


Young Poets

Write as you will 
In whatever style you like 
Too much blood has run under the bridge 
To go on believing 
That only one road is right.

In poetry everything is permitted.

With only this condition of course, 
You have to improve the blank page.

–Nicanor Parra
(trans. by Miller Williams)