What this is and who we are.

This blog is a collaborative space for members of what we have been calling the Agentive Teacher Group (ATG) to get together and write about/post about what’s on their minds. We’re English teachers working in a variety of settings, mostly in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts, concerned about issues of social justice. However, things are always changing about where we work and what we do. Life and teaching are complicated.

We’ve been meeting for several years, and we’re getting into the whole blogging thing going. I know, how trendy. We hope we can get many other people concerned with issues of social justice, teaching, and education to contribute as well.

We’ll write a little bit. Sometimes we’ll post links, poems, etc. There’s a lot of random, interesting stuff out there on the web. Sometimes it makes my brain hurt. Also, be sure to stay tuned for our interpretive dance videos.


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